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Sometimes all we feel like we're all alone, it's not until someone comes in to help

The hurt, the humiliation, the disgust and hatred people have for me. Walking down the street I can’t go without someone yelling something at me from their car. It saddens me how much the human race can hate one another mostly for no reason or because they think they’re better than everyone else. It’s status, that’s what it is. Apparently everyone has a place in the world on a social ladder of sorts. Older sibling looking down on the younger ones, Parents looking down on their offspring, tutors looking down on their students, the law looking down on the citizens and the world looking at itself.

It seems that it feels like someone’s always looking down on someone. Then there’s others looking up to people. This isn’t always good as we get influenced by the people around us. It’s up to us to be influenced or not. It’s not until the little people start looking down on the bigger ones and standing up for what they believe in and who they are. Change is coming for the better, we just need to unite for it to happen.

Don’t ever feel discouraged, in the long term it’s the ones doing the judging who are going to be judged. And their attitudes and way they treat others will be what show the world who they really are. That’s when people will judge them especially if they’re judging others. You’re you! You’re what you want you to be, the world may try to come down on you like a ton of bricks but everything can be broken and it shouldn’t be you. There will always be something or someone hurting us but we can gradually learn how to repel it.

So don’t let the world try bring you down you’re friends can help you no matter what. They will stand beside you and love you. Those who truly love you for who you are and what you want to be are true friends. Love is the strongest weapon of all and the ultimate bondage that brings people to peace.