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Hiya WordPress!

I have news about Armageddon. In the end it got reconsidered and then it was officially on again! Yay!

Ahem, anyway it was an awesome time. It got set up at a race course in Addington Christchurch which was a great venue. There was Anime, Cosplayers, Card Games and just heaps of fun! I managed to go with a few of my friends on the 2nd July which was a nice day and alot of people went. I’ll upload some pictures when I can of some random people we met on the day.

I brought a heap of cards and my Brother came 5th overall in the Yu-Gi-Oh tournament for 16 and over compeditors. I also managed to make a deck based around Yusei as I got a heap of Synchros.

Anyway, just a bit of an update and ryubakura will have our video log from when we went.

Bye bye till next time!


Hello world!

Hello world! My name is Benjamin (Call me Riku) and I’m your kinda average teenager living in a far off country called New Zealand. I’m 17 coming up 18 and I have to say my life is kinda OK.

I’ve lived here all my life and sadly have never gone oversea to anywhere, when i leave home and get a job and save money me and maybe a couple of my friends were thinking of moving to America and living around Dallas or somewhere round there. Mostly because we want to make a new life in a new country and because we don’t have any Anime conventions other than a Multicultural festival (I think that’s what it is) called Armageddon but it only comes once a year and involves DC and Marvel comics as well as Anime (I’m not a Marvel or DC fan, I hate American superhero comics). Unfortunately it was cancelled this year due to the earthquakes Christchurch has had (I live a fair while away thank God)If we did move to America and went to Animefest or A-Con we’d be able to strut around in our cosplays but alas, it’s not very big here. When my friend ryubakura finishes my Kaiba coat for me (She’s the best!) I’ll be able to cosplay as Seto kabia from Yu-Gi-Oh! which would be awesome (I just need to get her Blue Eyes so I can use it for photo shoots which i’ll upload here on my profile).

Anyway to my interests and Anime favs, I’m a fan of the following Animes:

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Including GX and 5ds)
Black Cat
Death Note
Fruits Basket

My favorite video games are:

Kingdom Hearts (including #2 and Chain of Memories. i haven’t had a chance to play Birth by Sleep or 365/2)
Fable II
Pokemon games
Final Fantasy

I hopefully will have a fair bit of fan art up on here for most of these and hopefully they’re a hit, anyway I hope this gives you a fair bit of info about me and I hope to make friends with many people who’d like to. (Please?… I won’t bite.) :3

Yours Truely,

Riku ^_^